Matt Rose Red

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We always try out our own products and test quality before selling. All images shown are our own, these are the finished results you will gain from using our product.

This film has been design for vehicle wrapping but can also be applied to almost any object such as glass, perspex, metals and wood.

Before you consider wrapping please make sure you have a clean warm environment to apply the film, do NOT attempt to apply vinyl in the cold. Any vinyl film is very sensitive to temperature, if it is too cold the vinyl will become brittle and tear. The vinyl needs to be warm and heated more to be stretched. Please watch some Youtube tutorials if you have not attempted this type of thing before If you’re planning on doing a full car wrap I’d recommend purchasing a sample first to make sure you’re happy with the colour.

What you get
Your Chosen length of vinyl film
Instruction Guide

Vinyl Specification

Durability 7 years +
Removable without leaving glue residue behind
Stretchable with heat gun or hair dryer
Thickness is approximately 0.2mm

Product Specifications:

• Size: Varies
• Colour:
• Finish: Metalic Candy
• Adhesive: Re-positional, Non-Permanent
• Durability: 5-7 Years
• Release Paper: 120g
• Film Thickness: 0.13mm
• Air Release: Yes

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